Walk and Talk Therapy in Singapore

Walk and Talk Therapy or Walking Therapy takes therapy session outdoors by combining traditional talk therapy with purposeful walking. This alternative provides an infusion of fresh air and exercise to the typical style of having therapy sessions seated face to face with your counsellor in the office.

Walk and Talk Therapy Singapore

Benefits of Walk and Talk Therapy

There are multiple benefits to Walk and Talk Therapy. For one, the experience of being in nature has been known to have powerful healing properties. ‘Forest bathing’, or ‘Shirin-yoku’, is a popular practice originating from Japan, and has been found to be beneficial in easing stress, helping us to relax and to think more clearly. In addition, the experience of being surrounded by greenery can also have mood-boosting effects, increasing our energy levels and rejuvenating the spirit.

Walk and Talk Therapy also provides the opportunity for one to incorporate some exercise and movement into the day. Exercise is highly beneficial for our physical and mental well-being, and helps to boost brain chemicals that increases our feelings of happiness. This may also be a good way to get some steps in in one’s busy schedule.

Walk and Talk Therapy can be particularly beneficial for teenagers and younger clients. Teenagers and younger clients may find it easier to open up while walking side-by-side with an adult instead of sitting face to face in close quarters. The constant movement and outdoor environment can also be helpful for teenagers and younger clients to concentrate better, as they typically have a shorter attention span. Instead of being in a seated, confined environment, this style of therapy may work better for individuals with ADHD.

Depending on the issues that one is bringing in into the therapy session, Walk and Talk Therapy also provides for various real-life opportunities to practice the skills and strategies learnt in therapy. For example, being in nature provides great opportunities for practicing mindfulness skills, such as using our five senses, or paying attention to the shapes and colors of different plants and trees.

Considerations of Walk and Talk Therapy

In comparison to in-office sessions, it may be difficult to ensure complete confidentiality in a public setting. While it may look to others that you are simply having a walk in the park with your friend, you may want to discuss your concerns about confidentiality with your counsellor before beginning Walk and Talk Therapy.

In addition, please make sure to disclose any existing medical conditions that you have to your counsellor before commencing Walk and Talk. If necessary, check with your doctor to make sure that you are physically fit to undertake this.


Walk and Talk Therapy at Sofia Wellness Clinic

Sofia Wellness Clinic is located next to Fort Canning Park, where we will conduct our Walk and Talk sessions. Walk and Talk sessions are subject to weather conditions and typically available in the early mornings and evenings.

If you are an existing client who is interested in Walk and Talk Therapy, please discuss your interest with your counsellor. If you are a new client who is interested in Walk and Talk Therapy, you can book an appointment with our counsellors here.