22 Ideas for Self-Care While Staying At Home (+ Handy Checklist)

Prolonged social and physical isolation can take a toll on our emotional and mental health.

While we adjust to our new routines of staying home to reduce the transmission of COVID-19, here are 22 ideas for self-care you can try out when you are feeling down.

Scroll to the end for a handy checklist with all 22 ideas that you can print out!

1. Write in a journal.

Here are some journal prompt ideas:

Writing in a journal for self-care

2. Take a walk or jog around the neighbourhood park.

3. Do some light stretches.

Lady doing light stretches and yoga

4. Try a home workout on Youtube or a live streaming fitness class.

Here is a great list of 28 online workouts and virtual fitness options put together by Sassy Mama:

5. Go to bed 30 minutes earlier than usual.

Girl hiding under blanket on bed

6. Call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while.

7. Send an encouraging text message to five friends, colleagues, or family members.

8. Write a letter or email to an old friend.

9. Hold a video call with your family members not living in the same household.

 Video call with loved ones to stay connected

10. Declutter an area of your house (e.g. kitchen, cabinets, drawers) that you have been meaning to but have been putting off.

11. Get rid of five things you never use.

Person folding clothes

12. Cook or bake something that you have never made before.

13. Make a mixtape of favourite songs from your past and listen to them.

Girl with headphones lying in bed14. Listen to a podcast on a subject that interests you.

15. Read a book or magazine.

Check out my favorite podcast and book recommendations here.

Read books and magazines for self-care

16. Light a candle and put on a face mask.

17. Take a nap.

18. Attend an online course and learn something new.

19. Dress up and put on an outfit that makes you feel great, even though you are just staying at home.

20. Meditate

Here are some of my favourite apps:

21. Disconnect from technology and take a break from the news.

22. If you feel overwhelmed, call a friend, family member, seek professional help, or contact the crisis hotline.

SOS (Samaritans of Singapore) 24/7 Hotline: 1800 221 4444
IMH Emergency Helpline: 6389 2222

handy self-care checklist for staying at home

Speak To A Therapist

If you are feeling overwhelmed and wish to speak to a professional, contact our team at Sofia Wellness Clinic or book an appointment.

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