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Counselling is a process that involves a professional therapist listening to the client and guiding them on how to manage their emotional concerns. This process allows both the client and therapist to identify challenges, change mindsets and facilitate positive changes.

Here at Sofia Wellness Clinic, our mission is to help individuals like you lead successful, fulfilling and well-meaning lives — no matter where you are starting from. This is why we offer a broad range of counselling services in Singapore to cater to your diverse needs.

Benefits of Seeking Counselling

  • Improved communication skills
  • Better awareness, expression and management of emotions
  • Better problem-solving skills
  • Greater self-acceptance and self-esteem
  • Improved ability to manage stress
  • Relief from symptoms of mental health conditions

Types of Counselling Services We Provide

Teen Counselling

Teens talking to one another

Your child’s teenage years may be challenging as they are going through developmental changes, academic stress and peer pressure. Speak to our psychotherapists to guide your child through these difficulties effectively.

Adult Counselling

Group of adults talking at fitness corner

During our adult years, we may face several challenges at different points of life. If you need someone to chat through your problems with, our psychotherapists will facilitate your self-discovery and next steps to achieve your goals.

Couples Counselling

Couple chatting in kitchen

It is natural for conflicts to happen in any relationship. What’s crucial is learning how to navigate through your differences to come out stronger. Work with our psychotherapists to iron out your relationship problems and rekindle your connection.

Family Counselling

Family spending time together in living room

Family conflict may happen for many reasons, including personality clashes or major life changes. Our counsellors at Sofia Wellness Clinic will guide you through your issues to improve communication and minimise conflicts.

Mental Health Conditions We Can Help You Manage


Depression is more than feeling sad; it refers to being in an inescapable negative mood for a long time regardless of external influence.


Anxiety refers to intense negative feelings of doubt and worry towards a future event. This can sometimes lead to panic attacks.

Anger Management

Individuals with anger management issues have an intense emotional response to a perceived threat or provocation.

Stress Management

Those who have problems with stress management will start to get easily irritable, fall sick easily and find it hard to sleep.

*The above list of conditions are not exhaustive.

Improve Your Mental Health With Us

Our psychotherapists at Sofia Wellness Clinic can guide you through managing your life challenges and facilitate positive changes. Contact us today to learn about how we can help you!

Our Counsellors at Sofia Wellness Clinic

Sophia Goh

Principal Counsellor

Sophia Goh - principal counsellor of Sofia Wellness Clinic

Age group: Teens, Adults & Couples

Areas of focus:
Anxiety and phobia
Relationship issues
Life transitions
and more

Alexandra Bohnen

Senior Counsellor

Alexandra Bohnen - Senior counsellor of Sofia Wellness Clinic

Age group: Adults

Areas of focus:
Low self-esteem
Identity issues
Relationship issues
Trauma / PTSD
and more

Claire Leong


Claire Leong - counsellor of Sofia Wellness Clinic

Age group: Teens, Couples & Families

Areas of focus:
Stress and burnout
Relationship issues
and more

Kathleen Chong


Kathleen Chong - Counsellor of Sofia Wellness Clinic

Age group: Adults

Areas of focus:
Anger management
Grief / loss
Career counselling
and more

Counselling Fees

ConsultationDurationSenior CounsellorCounsellor
Individual Session (Initial)75 min$250$220
Individual Session (Subsequent)50 min$180$150
6 Session Package*6 sessions x 50 min$972$810
Couples/Family Session (Initial)75 min$300$280
Couples/Family Session (Subsequent)75 min$280$250
Out-of-Session Phone Call / EmailPer 10 min block$35$35

*Counselling works most effectively when sessions are scheduled regularly, ideally on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Thus, all 6 sessions in the 6 session package have to be used within 6 months of the first session.

FAQs About Counselling Services

When should I go for counselling or psychotherapy?

We recommend that you consider going for counselling or psychotherapy when or if 

  • you think about an issue for at least one hour every day
  • you’re embarrassed by the issue  
  • your quality of life has declined due to the issue
  • you’ve deliberately developed habits to cope with the issue

Other possible scenarios include loss, trauma and relationship conflicts. If you need any form of mental clarity, going for counselling may help.

What is the difference between a counsellor and a therapist?

The end goal of counselling and psychotherapy is the same — to identify goals and solutions to problems that are causing emotional stress. However, there’s a difference between each of their journeys.

Counselling typically focuses on tackling specific issues, such as stress management or addiction. It prioritises honing problem solving skills and learning methods to cope with or how to avoid such issues. This is usually shorter term than psychotherapy.

Psychotherapy focuses on a wider range of issues and works to identify an individual’s thought patterns to guide them how to better manage their thoughts and behaviour. This enables them to achieve their personal goals and improve relationships.

At Sofia Wellness Clinic, we offer both counselling and psychotherapy to cater to your unique needs.

How many sessions do I need?

The total number of sessions depends on your goal. The first 1 – 3 sessions are usually assessments of your situation and needs. 

At times, clients get what they need in 1 – 2 sessions. For clients with more complex issues that have occurred over a long period of time, they may need a longer time to work through it. You may also opt for regular sessions to ensure that you’re taking care of your mental health and emotional well-being.

What happens during the first counselling session?

The first counselling session with Sofia Wellness Clinic is called an intake assessment. There will be a comprehensive assessment of your concerns (i.e. what brings you in), relationship history, family history, and academic and career history.

The objective of this assessment is for our psychotherapists to have an accurate idea of what you are struggling with so that we can tailor interventions and treatment plans accordingly.

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