We all face challenges in our lives at some point. Even the strongest and most successful among us do.

Sometimes we overcome these challenges ourselves, sometimes with the help of our family and friends. Sometimes we just need some extra help, and that is perfectly okay.

At Sofia Wellness Clinic, we believe that getting therapeutic help should be as normal and as accessible as getting a haircut or going to the dentist.

Just like going to the gym to work on your physical body, therapy serves as self-care for your mental well-being. Therapy offers a safe, therapeutic environment for you to talk freely and openly about some of the challenges that you are facing in your life.

As a professionally trained counsellor and psychotherapist, I am here to listen to what you have to say without any judgement. You can also be sure that what we discuss during our sessions will be kept in strict confidence.

Psychotherapy can help if you are experiencing these issues:

During the process of working together, I will ask questions and initiate activities that help you gain more insight into yourself and the issues that you are struggling with. Our sessions are focused on building strengths and taking actions that will bring you closer to what you desire. In an open, non-judgmental environment, we will work together in making positive changes in your life by using relevant counselling techniques.

When You Should Seek Counselling

You are going through a difficult time and find it hard to manage on your own

You feel really anxious that something bad is going to happen

You feel overwhelmed and cannot seem to be able to think straight

You feel that none of your usual self-help strategies are working for you

You feel listless and have no motivation to do the things that you normally like to do

You find it difficult to speak to anyone around you about what is going on

You feel stuck and cannot get out of your unpleasant situation

Your work, family and relationships are affected

You feel down and have been feeling this way for some time

Your friends and family say that you are behaving differently and are worried about you

FAQs about Adult Counselling

What kinds of problems can be addressed through adult counselling?

Some of the common problems faced by adults that can be addressed through counselling include:

• Depression and anxiety
If you suffer from depression or experience panic attacks, counselling can teach you how to cope with negative emotions and convert them into positive thoughts and feelings.

• Conflicts between a couple
Marriage counselling can aid in reducing tension between a couple by helping them understand the source of their problems and think from each other’s perspectives.

• Stress and anger management
With the help of stress and anger management therapy, you will learn new ways of coping effectively with these emotions.

Is it possible to only go for one session of counselling?

The first counselling session serves as an assessment and evaluation where our counsellors get to know you better and understand your current situation. This gives them an idea of what your needs are and how they can be better addressed in subsequent meetings. Therefore, multiple sessions of counselling are required in order to observe significant improvements in your condition. It is recommended to attend at least 6 to 12 weeks of therapy, however, this can vary depending on the individual. 

In general, counselling is the most effective when sessions are planned on a regular basis, such as once a week or once every two weeks.

How much does a counselling session cost for adults?

At Sofia Wellness Clinic, the initial session will cost $220 while subsequent sessions will cost $150. The rates for our senior counsellors are $30 more for both initial and subsequent sessions.

Learn more about our counselling fees.

Adult Counselling and Psychotherapy in Singapore

We offer counselling and psychotherapy services for adults here at Sofia Wellness Clinic. Schedule an appointment with us today or send us your enquiries.

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Written by Sophia Goh, Senior Counsellor at Sofia Wellness Clinic

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